SaraniaSat’s™ combined hardware/software solution takes many forms in providing value for our customers.

SaraniaSat™ designs its R&D projects in close collaboration with its customers to demonstrate the proof-of-principle for the value of Remote-Sensing data products through Hypothesis-driven (i.e. Key questions to be answered) projects.

Research & Development

R&D is a core component of SaraniaSat’s™ value proposition. Our ideal customer engagement is to initiate pilot projects with our customers in order to adapt and customize our solution to address the customer’s pain points. Assuming successful planning and execution of the pilot projects, the customer engagement moves into a subscription-based revenue model.

Data Analytics

SaraniaSat’s™ strength lies in its sophisticated data analytics, in other words its ability to decimate hyperspectral remote-sensing “Big Data” into actionable information for its customers. Based on the question that is being asked by the customer, SaraniaSat’s™ non-linear algorithms are able to rapidly analyze and prioritize the information content within each hyperspectral image. Then, in a scenario analogous to the “blind men asked to describe an elephant” SaraniaSat’s™ sensor fusion algorithms combine these disparate pieces of information to create a complete understanding of the phenomenon being studied.

Legacy Data

Every business vertical has its “traditional way of doing things!” SaraniaSat™ is well aware of these customs and best practices that have evolved over a period of many years or even decades. Therefore, SaraniaSat™ strives very hard to ensure that the new data and information products that it provides are consistent with existing legacy systems, and, more importantly, build on this foundation seamlessly in order to provide the customer with increased value.