SaraniaSat’s™ Technology

SaraniaSat™ helps farmers and companies by providing a combined hardware and software solution for acquiring and processing big data into actionable information for multiple business verticals.

Our H3 methodology interoperates across drones, aircraft, balloon, and satellite platforms with customized instruments used to acquire hyperspectral imagery. This imagery is subsequently processed and onboarded using sophisticated signal processing and sensor fusion algorithms to rapidly deliver actionable data and information products to our clients.

Market Applications

Remote Sensing

Actionable Remote Sensing Information

When it comes to almost every business vertical including agriculture, environmental monitoring, water-resource management, forestry, and defense, increasingly massive data sets can make monitoring and strategy more and more complex. Oftentimes the solution to the inherent complexity needed to support daily complex decisions lies in knowing what types of data to acquire, and moreover, how best to acquire and analyze data in order to generate actionable information in a timely manner.

SaraniaSat customizes its remote sensing data acquisition and analysis strategies to accommodate the business vertical being addressed.

The world of data and information is divided into currently into two camps: Data Acquirers and Data Analyzers. Data acquirers are, unfortunately, not acquiring the kinds of data needed for daily decision making by consumers in the various business verticals mentioned above. On the other hand the information content of the analysis provided by the data analyzers is only as good as that contained in the data acquired from third-party sources. SaraniaSat™ solves this key problem by designing and acquiring remote-sensing data with the information content desired by the target customer and subsequently rapidly converting the raw data into actionable information through sophisticated data analytics. In a sense, we are following Einstein’s famous quote: “Make things as simple as possible but not simpler!”

Our Advantage

SaraniaSat™ is the only company offering a combined hardware/software solution that is tailor-made to the customer’s pain points in effective big data exploitation to support daily, complex decision making.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

SaraniaSat’s “H-cubed” image acquisition strategy represents a revolutionary and fundamental paradigm-shift…

Time Savings

Time Savings

Sophisticated weak-signal detection and sensor fusion algorithms are used...

Strategic Use of Resources

Strategic Use of Resources

SaraniaSat™ is a pioneer of High-Performance, Edge Computing especially for...

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