SaraniaSat’s™ Advantage

SaraniaSat’™ saves farmers and companies time, money, and valuable resource through cutting-edge and comprehensive remote sensing data.

We’re the #1 source for hybrid hardware and software solutions and the leading technology for high spatial and temporal resolution and hyperspectral image acquisition, all delivered with a unique processing approach. SaraniaSat’s™ non-linear, weak-signal detection and sensor fusion algorithms operate on the cutting edge of remote sensing technology allowing our clients to review integral and actionable information hours within the acquisition of raw data.

Cost Savings

SaraniaSat™ serves both farmer and company through savings cultivated by superior remote sensing methodologies. By utilizing a combination of high spatial and temporal resolution hyperspectral imagery, we can deliver actionable data within 24 hours of acquisition. Our revolutionary H3 method of data collection utilizes drones, aircrafts, and satellites working in concert and represents a fundamental paradigm-shift in remote sensing science principles. Employ our data and detect nutrient deficiencies, disease, and predict insect infestations before they affect your yield and your profits. As part of our comprehensive analytics we utilize remote-sensing data with sophisticated weak-signal detection and sensor fusion algorithms to enhance the signal of interest in noisy backgrounds using non-linear, signal-amplification algorithms coupled with sensor fusion algorithms. This allows us to select, prioritize and fuse the hyperspectral bands most relevant to the topic at hand.

Time Savings

In addition to protecting our client’s cost to yield ratio our remote sensing data is capable of streamlining your workload through actionable information. Whether you’re a research and development team working to bring a product to market faster, or you’re a crop farmer looking to work smarter and not harder, the advantages SaraniaSat’s™ H3 methodology are evident. Spend less time tending to your farm and more time with the ones that matter most. We’re a pioneer of high-performance, cutting edge computing specifically designed for use with satellite platforms in order to process and deliver actionable data and information products to its customers within 24 hours of acquisition.

Strategic Use of Resources

Utilize SaraniaSat’s™ high-performance and cutting cutting edge technology to detect nutrient deficiencies, weeds, disease, and predict insect infestations before they occur. Apply your resources where they are needed most - maximize your annual yield and your net profits. Our powerful technology can acquire individual spectral data points (i.e. Red, Green, Blue) as well as near-infrared spectra in order to develop a complete and detailed spectral, spatial, and temporal “signatures” of every observable phenomenon on the planet.