Government Defense

What is remote sensing?

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We serve governments with remote sensing and hyperspectral imaging to provide data-driven intelligence.

Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance activities in the Military depends on the availability of accurate and timely information from Remote Sensing. Therefore, high spatial and temporal resolution, hyperspectral imaging has numerous applications for the military including weather monitoring and prediction, situational awareness, cartography, intelligence, terrain analysis, and battlefield management. Remote-Sensing data and information products are needed for Land, Sea and Air operations with the added requirement of reliably detecting potential threats, oftentimes under camouflaged or impaired visibility conditions.

Advanced Remote Sensing

SaraniaSat™ offers a non-linear, weak-signal detection and sensor fusion algorithms that have been successfully applied to combine disparate information sources such as remote-sensing imagery and ground sensor data and provide reliable, actionable information to the battlefield commanders. It is critically important to have the minimum possible false positives (mistaken identity) and false negatives (missed events) in order to assure a successful outcome.